Remanufactured Products

Nuclear Medicine



Infinia offers the productivity of dual-head design with all-digital Elite detector technology designed to optimize imaging performance so you can get uncompromised image quality in all modes. And operating Infinia is easy because you can use fast, automated, one-keystroke exams, and exchange collimators typically in less than three minutes. You’ll also have the flexibility to meet multiple scan positioning needs for your patients.

Free geometry gantry design enables both 180° and 90° orientation.

  • Elite Detectors
  • High Precision Collimator
  • Xeleris Nuclear Medicine Workstation
  • Optional: Hawkeye Hybrid


CT/ PET Fusion provides automatic registration of any CT data set with any Discovery or Advance PET images. In combining anatomical information from CT with functional information from PET, this application allows cancers to be staged and precisely localized. Benefits Allow 3D registration between two volumetric acquisitions, which come from different acquisition modalities (CT/ PET). 

  • Available in: 8, 16 and 64 Slice
  • Aperture Size: 70cm
  • X-ray Tube Capacity: 6.3MHU
  • Min. Slice Thickness: 0.625mm
  • Min. Rotation Time: 0.5sec